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For heat, cold and electricity

Are you working on a municipal insulation approach, neighborhood implementation plan or a heat program? Or are you a company, housing corporation, VVE or environmental service looking for support in gaining more insight into the different alternatives for your energy supply? EnergyGO helps you find the right solution.

Choose based on data

Our Tomahawk software gives you quick and affordable insight into the building characteristics and demographics of a neighborhood. This makes it easier to put together a renovation package based on data, for example for organizing a collective purchasing action.

Do you want to set up and manage energy exchange networks (5GDHC)? Find additional technical, financial and organizational information in our research project Cool Heat Networks - KoWaNet. For example, we wrote a technical and economic partial report for the municipality of Tilburg. This report is one of the reasons that the city council decided to invest in a heat-cold company in Tilburg-Zuid.

Do you want to participate with residents about a neighborhood analysis with confidence? Or do you want an update of the municipal heat program? EnergyGO provides accessible information so that these conversations run more smoothly. This way you get further together.

Find your data

On the water

Since 2015, houseboat owners have been using our menus for energy saving. This menu is a collection of energy measures, with each measure being a kind of dish. As a skipper, you can easily choose your own energy measures. Want to know more? Download our latest menu for houseboats.

Further development

Ten energy coaches from the Houseboats Association Amsterdam work effectively with the menu, after a training from EnergyGo. They now provide dozens of houseboat owners with an energy advice.

After the success for houseboat owners, we developed the menu for charter ships. This commissioned by the trade association for charter sailing, BZZ.