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Energeyes (energize your building stock)

Energeyes is an online software platform to calculate and visualize the energy performance of different building concepts. Future building concepts are entered through an intuitive user interface. Energeyes compares the energy balances of natural gas-free, zero energy and zero-on-the-meter concepts with a reference and each other. Energeyes supports your choice.

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Towards natural gas free and climate neutral districts

The Netherlands wants to get rid of natural gas. EnergyGO, together with the TU Delft and the Buiksloterham Foundation, has developed a method to compare energy concepts for urban districts (above and below ground level) on energy performance, economic characteristics, political, legal, social, technological and governmental aspects. The outcomes help stakeholders in choosing the most suitable energy concept.

High-rise tool

EnergyGO has developed an analysis tool to obtain a detailed architectural view of a high-rise building. With a minimum amount of input information engineering and building phyics properties are determined, including detailed construction drawings and recommended renovation options. The results are presented in a report.

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EPV monitor

A Net Zero Energy home annually produces the same amount of renewable energy as it consumes. Instead of paying an energy bill, tenants pay an energy performance fee (EPV) to the social housing corporation. In return, the social housing corporation guarantees is obligated to inform the tenant of the realized energy performance of the building in relation to the collected EPV fee. Our EPV Monitor is an independent online application, which gives housing corporations and constructors monthly insight in the performance of their homes, allowing them to respond adequately to deviations and inform residents proactively.