Bart Roossien

Senior energy consultant | Digital product developer | Entrepreneur

With a master in applied physics, Bart has a high affinity with solving complex (energy)issues, such as performing technical-economic feasibility studies towards waste heat reuse, energy saving measures and renewable energy, as well as implementing a smart grid and an energy research laboratory.

Furthermore, Bart is leading the design and realisation of digital products, such as online calculation tools, with which high value knowledge is made accessible for customers.

Marcel Elswijk

Managing director - Business developer - Project manager

Marcel observes his environment with curiosity and an open mind. He seeks and develops new integrated solutions and insights for zero-energy districts. Marcel connects and moves people, start-ups, companies, institutions and governments to get started with these solutions.

Marcel is involved, among others, in projects on how to achieve the highest energy ambition with high-rise buildings, develops training courses and consults on energy concepts for districts, business parks and high-rise buildings.

Niels Sijpheer

Expert energy efficient buildings, offices, datacenters and installations.

Grow innovative ideas into practical applications with the knowledge in EnergyGO. Gather and transfer knowledge on making buildings and installations more energy efficient. Add a substantial contribution to lowering energy use and increase the share of renewable energy.

Combining clear communication, feeling for human interaction and analytical understanding. Enthusiastic and driven.

Family, nature and adventure. Preferably in the mountains, hiking climbing or skiing, but also sailing. Mountain biking across the sea dunes.

Thijs Barkmeijer

Construction engineer

After working at, with and for contractors, housing corporations and architects, Thijs is currently working on (new technical) solutions to make the built environment healthier and more comfortable. At EnergyGO, Thijs specialises himself in transforming existing (high rise) buildings to net zero energy buildings and in developing technical components for constructing new buildings and renovation. Simplification is an important aspect in these developments and it is not only about the technology, but also the people who use the built environment.

In his work and spare time Thijs likes to do new things and realizes his ideas in actual products and tools.

Wim van Helden

Expert renewable heat

Expert in thermal energy storage and solar thermal technologies. Coordinator of national and international R&D projects. Prime contributor to international R&D programming in thermal energy storage.