Accelerating the energy leap towards zero-energy buildings

For the ‘Energiesprong’ (energy leap) program of Platform31, EnergyGO has assessed requests for (government) funding of innovative and ambitious new and renovation projects of houses and offices. These projects ambitioned a net energy reduction of 45, 60 or even 80% compared to the more traditional approach. Eventually, the program was extended to net zero-energy buildings. Most interesting about the funding was that it was based on the realized energy saving. Our technical expertise in the area of energy saving and renewable energy technologies is used to assess the feasibility of the energy ambitions.

EnergyGO is an organization with the necessary in-depth and cross-over expertise to assess the real value of integral energy concepts at building and district level. Platform31

EnergyGO has managed the different process stages of the Energiesprong funding for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This involved contract management, realization, monitoring and following the progress of individual projects. This has safeguarded that funding was assigned based on realized energy saving. The total project portfolio involved 665 houses, a business campus and four office buildings.

The collective knowledge from (nearly) zero energy building projects have been public disseminated under editorial of EnergyGO and commissioned by Platform31.

EnergyGO also has played a part in the realization of a national law that financially enables zero-energy building renovation by social housing companies. The bill (‘Energieprestatievergoeding - energy performance fee), passed in spring 2016. EnergyGO has contributed to the substantiation and description in the bill text.

Since 2015, EnergyGO also supports the ‘Homeowners associations towards zero-energy’ program. EnergyGO supplies tools and technical expertise during the tendering process.

The knowledge gained from the above activities has made EnergyGO a frequently asked partner in the development of zero-energy buildings. We support the ‘De Stroomversnelling’, a cooperation of social housing companies and construction companies, in developing a zero-energy certification, providing training and master classes, calculation energy flows and building tools for the energy performance fee.