Energy-efficient data centres

How can you save energy in an existing data centre? With which technologies and combinations of energy saving measure can this be achieved and how? Is it financially feasible>

Renovation is a natural moment to assess if the energy consumption of a data centre or server room can be reduced. Energy saving leads to a greener image, which an increasingly number of customers think is important. It also leads to a lower energy bill and thus, a competitive advantage. Energy savings is also a solution for data centres that are constrained by the limits of energy supply and are no longer able to expand.

EnergyGO has written a publication with the title: Reorganizing computer rooms and data centres in an energy efficient way. This publication describes four technical and economical feasible business cases. It also includes four interviews with managers and operators of data centres. Their motivation of why they decided to renovate an how they realised it is explained. Finally, a number of energy saving measures are described, that are commonly taken during renovation.

EnergyGO is knowledgeable on energy saving technologies. Together with their flexibility and creativity, they have created a publication that doesn’t only look good, but also motivates to take on the challenge. John Post, CEO GreenIT Amsterdam

The publication was commissioned by the Consortium GreenIT region Amsterdam in conjunction with the regional environmental agency and funding provided by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

If you have questions about energy saving or sustainability in relation to data centres and server rooms. Don’t hesitate to contact us.