PV(T) performance monitoring

In 2011, the Real Estate Agency for the Dutch Government (Rijksgebouwendienst), has commissioned a PVT system on one of its buildings. PVT systems are a combination of electric solar panels (PV) and thermal solar collectors (T). Next to the PVT system, a PV system and a solar collector system was commissioned. The latter two systems were used as a reference for the performance of the PVT system. Aim of the project was to verify reliable yield calculation and applicability in the Netherlands.

EnergyGO has monitored the three systems for over a year. Afterwards, the system performance was analysed using predictive models developed by EnergyGO. These models allow the calculation of the expected yield at each moment of the day.

Measured and calculated results of heat and electricity by panel type.

Adjustments to the solar systems were made based on the results of the analysis to maximise the production of solar energy and heat.

An important conclusion from the analysis was that application of PVT systems in the Netherlands is mainly determined by the desire to maximise the solar energy yield per unit of area, as opposed to the cost factor. This is especially important in the current development of zero-energy real estate.