Energy audit PGGM main office

Retirement fund trustee PGGM has a high ambition for sustainability. The main office in Zeist, the Netherlands, has been expanded with an energy efficient wing, while the energy performance of the existing building has been upgraded. In 2012, PGGM asked EnergyGO to identify further opportunities for energy saving.

Thanks to the support of EnergyGO, we have gained a full overview of our energy management. This allows us to take specific measures to improve our sustainability rating. Hans van der Zwaag, Managing director IT & Facility Services

EnergyGO has performed energy measurements at different location. With these measurements and already existing data from PGGM, an overview has been made, detailing the origin and destination of energy flows (the so called Sankey diagram).

Based on this information, EnergyGO has created two business cases: the re-use of residual heat from the server room and producing renewable energy with solar panels. In the meantime, the solar panels have been placed.