Roadmap IT 2030

In 2008, the IT industry signed the Dutch multi-annual energy efficiency agreement (MJA3). This agreement describes the joint-effort between the Dutch national government and the IT industry to improve the energy efficiency. ICT~Office (nowadays Nederland ICT), the trade organisation for the IT industry that represents over 550 companies, was initiator.

Research has found that attention to IT can lead to significant energy savings, both in the energy sector (greening of IT) and beyond (greening by IT). In the Roadmap IT 2030, ICT~Office has described her vision on this important topic. Precompetitive actions have been described to ensure realisation and all innovations and measures have been translated to financial numbers.

The IT industry itself can realise energy savings of up to € 117 million. The big hit however is energy reduction by providing IT applications to other industries. Already in the industries that have been studied, over 2.5 billion euros of saving was identified. The IT industry is determined to collaborate with other industries and governments to be the front runner in a sustainable energy efficient society!

EnergyGO was one of five research companies involved with the creation of the roadmap.