Monitoring tool for Energieloket Gelderland

The 'verduurSaam energieloket' manages a place where home owners can ask questions about energy saving and apply for subsidies for a number of municipalities in de province of Gelderland.

We use the tool for our periodic reporting to municipalities. We enter the number of taken actions in the tool. From there arises an interesting and useful image of the effectivity of energy saving programs, for both the municipalities and us.Jeroen aan het Rot, VerduurSaam Energieloket.

To inform her clients (the municipalities) about the realised energy saving and renewable energy production, EnergyGO developed a regional monitoring tool. This tool provides easy access to log and view (estimated) energy savings per municipality, action and year.

The project was funded by the association of Dutch Municipalities, the VNG

VerduurSaam Energieloket