Sustainability potential business areas

Many companies in business areas are unaware and not known with of the joint opportunities in energy efficient measures and renewable energy production. Companies are not easily convinced to take action with something they are not familiar with. Therefore, an important first step towards sustainability is to map the sustainability potential of the area in a long term vision. The second step is to inform all actors within the area about this potential as every actor has its own perception. Crucial in this phase is to analyse these perception to allow the creation of a common long term vision.

This report allows us to inform companies on the business area about opportunities for sustainability. It also gives a clear view of current energy usage. Furthermore, it includes an action plan. Because of the simple linguistic use and styling (images), it is easy to present to companies. Erna Hilbers, Environment agency, IJmond region

From a holistic view, EnergyGO describes the potential sustainability option for the business area and how these options can be realised. The report is written in such a way that it can be used as a communication tool towards the companies, arousing interest and enthusiasm to take joint action.

In 2015, a potential study, commissioned by the SAENZ foundation, shows that companies on the business areas ‘Noorderveld’ and ‘Molletjesveer’ in the municipality of Zaandam, have a high energy usage and high potential for self-generation of (renewable) energy. The 600 companies on the two business areas are using about 24 million kWh per year and almost 3 million cubic meter of natural gas per year.

We will use the suggestion from the report in our newly founded Joint Energy Foundation SAENZ. The report clearly shows the opportunities and options, which motivates business owners to participate in our foundation. Edwin de Groot, Managing Director SAENZ